Hello! I’m Raylene Robinson! It’s really hard to put a label or a title on what I am. I work with the conscious and unconscious mind as well as energy and spirit to help you achieve your goals and move forward with purpose and live life intentionally and connected.

After I hit a crossroads in my life I became interested in mindset and self confidence. I started off in a MLM business in the beauty industry. I wasn’t doing too great until I started doing personal development, after which my team grew to 48 in a very short time! I then started looking for more mindset training and personal growth courses and I came across a Hypnotherapy course which dealt with the mind on all levels. From there I entered many training programs over the next few years. I became a Master practitioner of NLP, Conversational Hypnotherapy, Timeline transformations, Timeline Reset, Life Coaching, Relationship coaching, Family Freedom Coaching, Hypnobirthing and Sacred Ancestral Healing and DNA Repair.

I use all of these tools as well as many others in my tool box to help my clients achieve the result that they only dreamed of. Some of the success stories that have come from my clients include overcoming crippling anxiety and agoraphobia, depression and suicidal thoughts. Moving beyond feeling stuck and disconnected to feeling purposeful and loved. I have helped numerous families overcome feeling disconnection and discontented to now living a flourishing and thriving life.

Would you like to feel confident in your self? Do you need help overcoming self doubt and procrastination? Maybe you feel that your marriage and your family is falling apart? Perhaps you just want to put that spark back into your marriage! Or would you like to have a positive calm birthing experience no matter which pathways and turns your labour takes?

Reach out to me, if I don’t feel that I am able to help you then I have a whole network of great people I can refer you to.

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Posted by The Brave Babes Mission on Thursday, June 21, 2018